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What is High-qualified Preform Mould?


Preform Mould in our daily life, plays an important role. It is widely used in edible oils, beverages, candy, cosmetics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and many other packaging industry. Preform mould with features of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, long life. How to make high qualified preform mould? 
High qualified preform mould has the following characteristics:

1. The preform cavities are from one to forty-eight.

2. Performs used computers to simulate the tensile test depict progress blowing yield.


3. It chooses the world's leading two double taper positioning skills, self-locking each chamber independently to ensure mold concentricity.

4. The mold cavity and injection core choose high-qualified German original special mold preheated disposal steel.

5. Thread mouth produces according to international standards, and uses imported nitriding steel which has high hardness and long life expectancy.

6. Stream Road, depicting the lead and heating temperature can improve the quality of plastic products.

7. Avoid cutting the gate, and cut down labor intensity.

8. The mold can ensure to use over 200 million times.